Male Partners of Female Sex Addicts (MPoFSA)

Supporting connection, empowerment, and healing.

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Connect with Men Who Can Relate

This website is a resource for men who seek gender-specific validation and support for their experiences of loving women who are addicted to sex. Share your story, connect with other men, and help create resources for others in need. Make a difference!


This site is still being created. If you are a male partner of a female sex (or love) addict, and you’d like to help create this web resource, please reach out by emailing the site creator, Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT, at sprout.r.evolution(at)!


Men's Success Stories

We would love to post (anonymously) your recovery story! Please contact me, Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT at sprout.r.evolution(at) if you’d like to share what has worked for you!


Give Back

If you have experience, strength and hope to offer to other men who are struggling in this area, please contact this web resource creator, Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT at sprout.r.evolution(at)


You're NOT alone, it's NOT your fault, and you can find HOPE - no matter what your partner does or doesn't do about her recovery